A brief hello!

Well after a long summer break I've decided its time to sit down and start blogging again. When the sun was shining and two little boys wanted fun and love, there just wasn't time to sit and write although I have managed to keep up with all the lovely blogs I follow. I'm afraid this post is photo-less as I can't locate my car lead at the minute but I have lots of exciting things stored to blog about. I've managed to do some crafty things over the summer, I'm really enjoying crochet at the minute and have picked up some second hand bargains. Today my Big S has gone off to school....*sob sob*. I'm sat here worrying that he'll enjoy it and missing him yet I know he'll love every minute of it and at almost five he's so ready for it. Still it feels like a big step. This morning the weather has well and truly changed - its blowing a gale, its wet and its dull. Therefore I have discovered that I don't own a decent looking coat with a hood one which has left me looking like I'm rather mad frankly with my hair stuck out at all ends. So I've been rather naughty and have treated myself to this, plus a few other bits such as long sleeved tops to wear under dresses now its cooler.
Right, after this brief hello from me I'm off to catch up on afew jobs while Little T sleeps then its back down to school to collect Big S at lunchtime.