Have you seen my motivation?

Firstly I want to say thank you for the lovely get well wishes that were left for me on Monday - you lovely people! Secondly thanks for Mr P's birthday wishes, he had to work so we just had his parents over for dinner last night and we are off out for the day tomorrow and then to see Harry Potter at night - beyond excited! And finally thirdly thank you to all new followers!

Phew that was rather Oscar like!

Today is the last day of Big S being at pre-school and he'll start full time school in September. We've handed out homemade cards and gifts to his teachers this morning and it all felt quite emotional. His nursery is such a lovely place and we'll be sad to leave it, he is transferring to a different school but hopefully Little T will get a place at this nursery when its his time. So I should be making the most of the time I have of him at school and Little T in bed but I'm sat here catching up with blogs and drinking tea instead.

Feeling like a rather rubbish blogger at the minute and I'm slightly lacking motivation for crafting. I keep reading so many fabulous blogs and magazines full of brilliant things yet I'm finding it hard to do something myself. I've no photos to show you guys either today - how dull!

Something I have been playing with is looking at this website http://www.houzz.com/ Its basically full of photos of others homes - very nosy! Then you can create "Ideabooks" of the photos you like, my favourite section is the "Electic". So far I've seen a few really fabulous looking rooms and I'm getting a few ideas in my head of how I can introduce these looks very cheaply.

Tomorrow Mr P and I have the day to ourselves so we are planning a drive into the Peak District for a look around the villages, a pub lunch and much charity and junk shop hunting. I've already looked up a few places I want to call at and will take the children's seats out of the car in the vain hope I will find some amazing cheap furniture to play with. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a wonderful haul of things to share with you.

Then we are off to a late night screening of Harry Potter - I can not wait. I normally hate the cinema and refuse to pay the huge prices but as this is the last one I would like to enjoy it on a big screen. As its not something we normally do and its a late showing it all feels rather decadent!

Sorry if I've bored you with this post - hopefully tomorrow I'll have goodies glore to show you and have some motivation back. Thanks for reading x

Things making me smile...

So after my last post which seems to just be an anti-Disney rant (which isn't what i intended and I'm sure some of you will think I'm a fruitcake) I'm posting whats making me happy...

Homemade bread and my retro kettle
My patio - the clock and obelisk were B&M bargain of £3 each and the kids are enjoying playing on there with their cars and ride-ons, the gazebo gives much needed shade at the minute as well as making us private from the neighbours (same with the screening near the sunbeds)
Taking the boys to a local park and finding these gorgeous wild flowers
My new Hebes plant to replace a huge beautiful brush we had that the 3foot high snow of last year destroyed - can't wait for this to grow and attract butterflies and bees next year
This cute little tray I found a charity shop for 50p to stand soap, etc on beside the kitchen sink
And things I don't have photos of:-

the sound of children laughing and squealing in delight while playing in their paddling pool yesterday
finally getting my result today that I've passed my first year of university with a good, high pass mark!
getting the hang of crotchet! I've mastered the single stitch, Big S has asked what I'm making and has declared it is a blanket for his teddy.

And finally things I am wishing for because I'm trying not to spend this month but a girls got to dream!

an old Belfast sink for under the outside tap (I read this idea on someones blog, I'm so sorry if its you whose idea I'm 'borrowing' but its a great one!)
a potting bench to stand under kitchen window on the patio to tidy everywhere a little
new tea, coffee and sugar holders to give the kitchen a more 'vintage/shabby chic' feel.

Thanks for popping by and reading, I'm so behind on blog commenting so hopefully I'll get round to it but I'm loving everyone's blogs xx

A brief hello!

Well after a long summer break I've decided its time to sit down and start blogging again. When the sun was shining and two little boys wanted fun and love, there just wasn't time to sit and write although I have managed to keep up with all the lovely blogs I follow. I'm afraid this post is photo-less as I can't locate my car lead at the minute but I have lots of exciting things stored to blog about. I've managed to do some crafty things over the summer, I'm really enjoying crochet at the minute and have picked up some second hand bargains. Today my Big S has gone off to school....*sob sob*. I'm sat here worrying that he'll enjoy it and missing him yet I know he'll love every minute of it and at almost five he's so ready for it. Still it feels like a big step. This morning the weather has well and truly changed - its blowing a gale, its wet and its dull. Therefore I have discovered that I don't own a decent looking coat with a hood one which has left me looking like I'm rather mad frankly with my hair stuck out at all ends. So I've been rather naughty and have treated myself to this, plus a few other bits such as long sleeved tops to wear under dresses now its cooler.
Right, after this brief hello from me I'm off to catch up on afew jobs while Little T sleeps then its back down to school to collect Big S at lunchtime.